Carolina Cabinets Asks: Which Wood is Right for You?

As we say, Carolina Cabinet Refacing uses “Furniture-select Hardwoods – for the look and feel of custom cabinetry.” This includes hardwoods such as Birch, Maple, Alder, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and more. Our thick hardwood facings, doors and drawer fronts are simply better looking and more durable than the laminate surfaces out there. One big reason? They’re REAL. But what are the differences between these species of wood? Let’s take a look at a few of your Carolina Cabinet Refacing options.

Cherry Hardwood Cabinet Refacing

Cherry solid hardwood facings, doors and drawer fronts from Carolina Cabinet Refacing give your kitchen cabinets an elegant appearance fit for traditional or modern tastes. Cherry is a moderately hard and strong premium hardwood that tends to resist warping. Among its attributes, a cherry cabinet facing features:

  • A rich, natural red- or pinkish-brown tone;
  • A close, smooth, uniform wood grain pattern with occasional random markings, such as curly graining, pin knots and mineral streaks; and
  • A tone that darkens nicely with age and exposure to light.

Birch Hardwood Cabinet Refacing

Birch hardwood facings, doors and drawer fronts from Carolina Cabinet Refacing are versatile and can meet a variety of needs, based on the grain and finish you choose. Birch can feature a close, fine grain that can resemble cherry. Other times, birch can features a wavy, curvy grain that gives the impression of maple. The surface is smooth and dense; it resists nicks and dents, and stains and polishes evenly.

Maple Hardwood Cabinet Refacing

Interestingly, maple’s close, uniform grain can sometimes look fuzzy when depicted on a vinyl veneer. But you have no such worries with genuine hardwood facings, doors and drawer fronts from Carolina Cabinet Refacing!

Maple is a dense, durable hardwood with a range of colors from cream to yellow to reddish-brown. Mineral streaks in the grain often appear darker when stained. Overall, the uniform appearance of maple makes it appealing to homeowners looking for either traditional or contemporary kitchen.

Oak Hardwood Cabinet Refacing

Oak hardwood facings, doors and drawer fronts from Carolina Cabinet Refacing feature more variation in grain than other hardwoods. This strong, durable wood’s grain includes features such as:

  • Mineral streaks
  • Pin knots
  • Pin Stripes
  • Leafy grains, and so on.


If oak has a handicap, it is this: it’s a popular choice in lesser laminate veneer cabinets, sort of the Ford Taurus in kitchen décor. If you want your kitchen cabinets to truly pop, oak may not be for you. But if you are an oak fan who doesn’t care what the Joneses are doing, rest assured that Carolina Cabinet Refacing will find the tone and the grain that will make you say, “I love my cabinets!”

Carolina Cabinets has the Hardwood for You!

Whether you are interested in cherry, birch, maple or oak cabinets – or maybe alder, or something else entirely – you owe it to yourself to explore your options with Carolina Cabinet Refacing. We use the best materials, the finest Amish craftsmanship and expert installation, and we’re ready to make you dream kitchen a reality.
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