A Dream Home with One Exception: the Kitchen

Late in 2008, William and Angela Dixon were relocating to the Charlotte area from Virginia Beach, and found their dream home. “We fell in love with the house,” Angela says. “It was contemporary, with an open floor plan and a nice kitchen layout.”

Cosmetically, though, the kitchen left the Dixons cold. The existing white cabinets were dated, washed out and uninviting. They were determined to make a change, and Angela had a firm deadline. ““I told my husband, I wasn’t going to move in until the kitchen was done. The dust, the noise, the men coming in and out – I wanted to start from day one with a brand new kitchen.”

Exploring Kitchen Cabinet Options

So they began the exciting/tedious process of visiting the big home centers, asking friends for advice, meeting with kitchen remodeling contractors and reading the home magazines. In one of those magazines they found an ad for Carolina Cabinet Refacing – a leading kitchen cabinet remodeler in Charlotte NC.

“Up to this point, we were thinking replacement,” William says. “We hadn’t really considered cabinet refacing. To the extent we had thought of it, friends and other remodeling contractors had told us to avoid it – that we wouldn’t be happy with the quality.”

Making the Case for Cabinet Refacing

However, an attractive ad coupled with potential cost savings led the Dixons to call Carolina Cabinet Refacing, and allow contractor John Marino to make his pitch. Marino spent several hours in the Dixon’s home sharing photographs, showing samples and earning their confidence. “I had some negative experience with contractors back in Virginia,” William explains, *“so I was wary. These guys come in, promise the world, then they’re gone with your money and you have to live with the results. I didn’t get that feeling from John.”

“John didn’t try to sell us anything,” says Angela. “He listened, showed us the alternatives, and made suggestions. We had a lot of ideas and he assured us that they could be done. He told how we could achieve our dream kitchen and, just as important, he described the entire installation process in detail. We knew what we were getting into, and we were excited.”

“He said his guys would be in and out in three days,” William adds. “I said, yeah, we’ll see about that! But everything went smoothly and efficiently. When John said a guy would show up at ten, he was there at ten. They worked fast, cleaned up after themselves and, as promised, they were done in three days!”

Cabinet Refacing was the Right Choice

Soon after, the Dixons moved into their home, and have been enjoying their remodeled kitchen cabinets of cherry hardwood with vintage stain ever since. “I would do it all over again,” Angela beams. “I look at the quality of my kitchen cabinets, and I compare them to the big displays at the home center. To get the quality we got, and saving the money we did – I am so happy with our decision. And working with John was so enjoyable!”

“We definitely made the right choice working with Carolina Cabinet Refacing,” William concludes. “The quality, and the entire sales and installation experience, they can’t be beat. Now, a year later, we get constant affirmation of that decision. We entertain a lot, and to have our guests comment over and over about the quality and beauty of our cabinets – it’s a good feeling.”

Angela sums it all up: “Really, words can’t describe the satisfaction I feel. So I’ll just say what all of John’s customers say: we love our cabinets!”